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What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get Editing

Web pages, templates and elements are edited in a feature-rich and easy to use WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) editor. The editor is fully embedded in the web content management system and browser.

In the WYSIWYG editor you can edit text, format font face, set style, size, colour, indentation, alignment and much more. You can also position content absolutely. The editing and formatting you make will be immediately reflected in what you see in the editing area.

Insert Content

In the WYSIWYG editor you can insert a variety of objects including bullet lists, forms, tables, special characters, images, Flash animations,  Java Applets, e-mail hyperlinks, downloadable/viewable files, links to other website content pages and external websites, anchors/bookmarks, print page breaks, content boxes and frames with other local/external web pages. You can also insert special codes to display elements created elsewhere in the content management system.

Copy/Cut & Paste and Drag & Drop

Copy/Cut & Paste and Drag & Drop edit content from and to external applications such as Microsoft Word as well as within the Asbru Web Content Management system.

CSS Style Sheet Formatting

Apply CSS Style Sheet formatting to your content. Available styles are automatically extracted from the selected style sheet and can be selected in the WYSIWYG editor. The effects of the CSS Style Sheet formatting are seen directly in the WYSIWYG editor.

Spell Checking

Check the content for misspellings in 44+ languages. In the spell checking process misspelled words will be highlighted and the WYSIWYG editor will suggest a list of words to replace misspelled words.

Import & Clean Content From Microsoft Word

Content can be copied and pasted directly from Microsoft Word and other external applications. Often Microsoft Word uses unwanted HTML tags and attributes. These can be removed with the Clean HTML Code feature. The feature gives the user maximum flexibility in selecting specific tags and attributes to remove from the HTML code.

Table Editing

Edit tables in WYSIWYG mode in the editor. Change table properties such as table width, height and border. Change row, column and cell properties such as background colours and alignment. Assign style sheet classes and ids to tables, rows and cells.
Table dimensions can easily be changed by deleting or inserting rows, columns and cells.  Users can also insert table caption, table header rows and table footer rows.

Form Editing

Edit form parameters and attributes in WYSIWYG mode. Add or remove a variety of form buttons, text input fields, check-boxes, radio-buttons and select lists and set the parameters and attributes for these in easy to use windows.

Plain Mode

Users can easily switch to Plain mode, which is basically the same as WYSIWYG mode, but with display of table, form and image guidelines. The Plain editing mode also displays the content without styles applied and thus provides a view of the content that may sometimes be useful when editing.

DOM Inspector

Use the DOM inspector at the bottom of the editing area to get a quick view of the HTML tags surrounding currently selected content.
The DOM inspector also provides a shortcut for users to select and remove unwanted HTML tags.

Raw HTML mode

When editing in the WYSIWYG editor it is easy to switch to raw HTML-mode and see and edit the HTML code for the content created. This gives unlimited HTML and Javascript programming flexibility and power for technical users.

Customizable Editor

Customize the editor by adding or removing editing buttons/features. For example you may wish to customize the editor so that you can only use pre-defined styles. Add your own features to the editor using custom Javascript functions. Buttons for your own Javascript functions are automatically created. You could for example add custom Javascript functions to insert special texts, code or tags into the editor.


Asbru Web Content Management v12.2 available now.
(.NET, PHP and JSP/Java versions).
Personal, Small Business, Professional and Hosting Edition web content management software for Microsoft Windows, Linux and Unix.

Asbru E-Commerce, Community, Databases and Statistics Add-On modules v12.2 available now.
(.NET, PHP and JSP/Java versions).
E-Commerce, Community, Databases and Statistics Add-On modules for the Asbru Web Content Management system software.

Asbru Website Manager v11.1.3 available now.
(ASP and PHP versions).
Ready to use and easy to use, cross-browser and cross-platform website manager software for updating your website pages using only your web browser.

Asbru Web Content Editor v11.1.3 available now.
(ASP, .NET, ColdFusion, PHP and JSP/Java versions).
Cross-browser and cross-platform WYSIWYG HTML editor for Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Netscape and Safari on Windows, Macintosh, Linux and Unix.

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