Asbru Web Content Management v10.1.2 released

The Asbru Web Content Management system v10.1.2 for .NET, PHP and JSP/Java has been released. This version adds:
  • Added workaround for Google Chrome v56+ XSS warning in posted HTML content.
  • Removed automatically added BODY margins.
  • Fixed handling of @@@include:.....@@@ special codes.
  • Fixed potential Javascript injection.

  • Added closing of all web editor menus on tab click.
  • Improved empty output from content builder.
  • Fixed content builder loading of template stylesheets.
  • Fixed delete data item from content databases search.
  • Improved handling of ENTER in Email content id SELECT.
  • Fixed handling of empty email content.

  • Asbru Web Content Editor v10.1.2.
    • Added justify DOM handling.
    • Added split-wrapping of "phrasing content" text-level tags.
    • Changed/fixed "mark" handling.
    • Improved handling of ENTER in web content editor dropdown inputs.
    • Synchronised handling across web browsers.
    • Fixed various web editor selection handling issues.
    • Fixed web editor handling of toolbar in frame.
    • Fixed formatblock on text node before or after other formatblock node so that new formatblock node not placed inside existing formatblock node (Chrome).
    • Fixed copy/paste (MSIE 11).
    • Fixed Clean HTML (MSIE 11).
    • Added optional webeditor.bodyAppendBlank and webeditor.bodyAppendBR and webeditor.bodyAppendBRBR (MSIE 11).
    • Fixed Show HTML mode (iOS 10).

  • Improved handling of old database importing file.
  • Improved handling of disabled login configuration settings.
  • Improved redirection restrictions.
  • Fixed saving of redirection settings.
  • Fixed databases log messages for special code named databases.
  • Added optional RequireUser debugging.
  • Added additional login audit logging.
  • Added additional user debugging logging for LDAP.

  • Added support for Configuration / System / Website / Email & Forms / Mail Server: "ADDRESS" + "ADDRESS:PORT". + "USERNAME:PASSWORD:ADDRESS" + "USERNAME:PASSWORD:ADDRESS:PORT" formats.
  • Added support for authenticated SMTP (JSP/NET).
  • Added support for SMTP/TLS (port 587) (JSP/NET).
  • Added support for SMTP/SSL (port 465) (JSP).

  • Added "distributable" to enable Java session replication as default (if enabled in Java application server).
  • Added use of request host name (if any) as server name for redirect etc.
  • Changed default cache to Lateral TCP for out of the box support for cloud/cluster deployment (JSP).
  • Improved support for multi-server and Docker deployment handling of local host name.
  • Improved handling of cloud configured database connection.
  • Improved handling of request port number for cloud deployment.
  • Fixed removal of port number from configured server host name.

  • Added Configuration / System / Hosting Clients / Database Server Address (default) configuration setting (Hosting Edition).
  • Added support for multiple/different database servers for different hosting clients (individual hosting clients can use other database server addresses than the configured default) (Hosting Edition).
  • Added Hosting Edition handling of database connection string parameters (Hosting Edition).
  • Added Product Delivery handling of blank "hosting_api_database_rootpath" (for non-local database server) (Hosting Edition).

  • Various other improvements.

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Asbru Web Content Management v11.1.4 available now.
(.NET, PHP and JSP/Java versions).
Personal, Small Business, Professional and Hosting Edition web content management software for Microsoft Windows, Linux and Unix.

Asbru E-Commerce, Community, Databases and Statistics Add-On modules v11.1.4 available now.
(.NET, PHP and JSP/Java versions).
E-Commerce, Community, Databases and Statistics Add-On modules for the Asbru Web Content Management system software.

Asbru Website Manager v11.1.3 available now.
(ASP and PHP versions).
Ready to use and easy to use, cross-browser and cross-platform website manager software for updating your website pages using only your web browser.

Asbru Web Content Editor v11.1.3 available now.
(ASP, .NET, ColdFusion, PHP and JSP/Java versions).
Cross-browser and cross-platform WYSIWYG HTML editor for Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Netscape and Safari on Windows, Macintosh, Linux and Unix.

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