Asbru Web Content Management v10.0.3 released

The Asbru Web Content Management system v10.0.3 for .NET, PHP and JSP/Java has been released. This version adds:
  • Added handling of NOSCRIPT tags in HTML Header.
  • Improved handling of Meta Information "charset" and "http-equiv-XXXXX" data.
  • Improved use of Meta Information data from templates and additional content items.
  • Improved handling of special characters in Meta Information data.

  • Added support for "salutation" and "gender" and "birthdate" and "birthyear" and "birthmonth" and "birthday" HTML FORM data for personal administration page.
  • Added support for @@@personal_salutation@@@ (user title) and @@@personal_gender@@@ and @@@personal_birthdate@@@ and @@@personal_birthyear@@@ and @@@personal_birthmonth@@@ and @@@personal_birthday@@@ special codes.
  • Added @@@list:.....:metainfo_XXXXX contains XXXXX@@@ and @@@list:.....:productinfo_XXXXX contains XXXXX@@@ special code parameters for matching one of multiple values.
  • Added use of Enter, Format, Encoding, Format Block, Font Name and Font Size configuration settings for @@@webeditor:.....@@@ special codes.
  • Fixed handling of @@@url:.....@@@ and @@@urlprotocol:.....@@@ and @@@urldomain:.....@@@ and @@@urlport:.....@@@ and @@@urlpathquery:.....@@@ and @@@urlpath:.....@@@ and @@@urlquery:.....@@@ special codes.
  • Improved handling of special codes for expired/unpublished content items.

  • Added support for drag-and-drop file upload for administration of File content items.
  • Added support for file upload of multiple images/files through Select Content pop-up dialogue.
  • Fixed handling of Add New / Unpublish / Delete after Save of content items.
  • Fixed Javascript injection issue.

  • Added Configuration / Features / Meta Information / Pre-Defined Meta Information Options configuration settings.
  • Added Configuration / System / Ecommerce / Product Details / Pre-Defined Product Details Options configuration settings.
  • Added Website Content / ..... / Meta Information / Add New pre-defined meta information options (if any).
  • Added Ecommerce / Products / ..... / Product Details / Add New pre-defined product details options (if any).
  • Added "allow_config_sql" special configuration setting for SQL queried pre-defined meta information options (/
  • Fixed Quickstart Configuration issue.

  • Fixed custom module issue (PHP).
  • Fixed Asbru Web Content Editor issue (PHP).

  • Added Asbru Web Content Editor v10.0.3:
    • Improved handling of Enter output.
    • Improved handling of content selections.
    • Improved Remove Format merging of HTML tags.
    • Fixed positioning of context menus.

  • Various other improvements.

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Asbru Web Content Management v11.1.4 available now.
(.NET, PHP and JSP/Java versions).
Personal, Small Business, Professional and Hosting Edition web content management software for Microsoft Windows, Linux and Unix.

Asbru E-Commerce, Community, Databases and Statistics Add-On modules v11.1.4 available now.
(.NET, PHP and JSP/Java versions).
E-Commerce, Community, Databases and Statistics Add-On modules for the Asbru Web Content Management system software.

Asbru Website Manager v11.1.3 available now.
(ASP and PHP versions).
Ready to use and easy to use, cross-browser and cross-platform website manager software for updating your website pages using only your web browser.

Asbru Web Content Editor v11.1.3 available now.
(ASP, .NET, ColdFusion, PHP and JSP/Java versions).
Cross-browser and cross-platform WYSIWYG HTML editor for Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Netscape and Safari on Windows, Macintosh, Linux and Unix.

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