Asbru Web Content Management v9.2.7 released

The Asbru Web Content Management system v9.2.7 for .NET, PHP and JSP/Java has been released. This version adds:
  • Improved handling of international characters and file extensions in downloaded filenames.
  • Improved handling of non-existing content.
  • Updated to new API.
  • Fixed CAPTCHA support for HTTPS.
  • Fixed handling of @ characters in @@@list:.....@@@ special codes.

  • Fixed Browse & Edit mode error message.

  • Added web content editor pop-up overlay repositioning on window resize.
  • Added suppport for web browser versions with deprecated synchronous AJAX functionality.
  • Added compatibility with "X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff" server configuration.
  • Fixed administration index pages List All sorting of mixed numeric/string format value columns.

  • Added sorting by metainfo columns on content administration index pages.
  • Added sorting by metainfo and productinfo columns on personal workspace.
  • Fixed Select All performance for large numbers of content items and workflow actions.

  • Fixed publish multiple selected content items issue.
  • Fixed access permissions for publish multiple.

  • Fixed preview of empty element content items.
  • Fixed handling of "or" content group/type access restrictions.
  • Fixed deletion of static files for scheduled, renamed, unpublished content item.

  • Fixed Advanced Search date/time wrapping.
  • Fixed Advanced Search for content class only.
  • Fixed Search & Replace display of Experience Add-On inputs.

  • Fixed order administration for different database servers.

  • Added support for @@@authorize:database=DATABASENAME@@@ and @@@authorize:database=DATABASENAME=DATAID@@@ special codes.
  • Fixed content databases administration search.

  • Added special configuration options for MySQL Usage Statistics Add-On performance. (/
  • Fixed handling of reversed period start/end timestamps.

  • Added support for application server configured data source named "jdbc/wcm" as default database.
  • Fixed disabling of link adjustments for database import and upgrade.
  • Added users export/import administrator preferences and other new attributes.
  • Fixed administrator preferences for user database import of changed usernames.

  • Fixed folder path issue for Microsoft Azure.

  • Added support for custom extension "WCM:SESSION:name=value" output.
  • Improved preview of scheduled content items.

  • Fixed handling of invalid timestamps.
  • Fixed handling of possible wildcards in content ids.
  • Added handling of HTML encoded operand parameters. (.NET)

  • Various other improvements.

  • Asbru Web Content Editor v9.2.7
    • Improved cleaning/shortening of web browser expanded URLs.
    • Fixed bookmarking for insert INPUT tags.
    • Fixed handling of select all keyboard shortcut.
    • Added find/cut/copy/paste keyboard shortcut alert (Firefox) (MSIE).
    • Fixed find functionality (Firefox) (MSIE).
    • Improved handling of completely empty content (Firefox) (MSIE 11).
    • Fixed justify left/center/right/full DIV container handling (Firefox).
    • Improved handling of "backspace" (MSIE).
    • Improved handling of deletion of all content (MSIE).
    • Improved selection handling (Chrome/Safari) (MSIE).
    • Fixed handling of "enter" (MSIE).
    • Fixed selection of INPUT nodes (MSIE 11).
    • Fixed handling of empty content (MSIE 11).
    • Fixed MSIE 11 table merge (MSIE 11).
    • Fixed View HTML textarea size for MSIE 11 in MSIE 9 document mode (MSIE 11).
    • Increased padding (Chrome/Safari).
    • Fixed Chrome handling of "find" alert (Chrome/Safari).
    • Fixed custom output on Enter (Chrome/Safari).
    • Various other improvements.

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Asbru Web Content Management v11.1.1 available now.
(.NET, PHP and JSP/Java versions).
Personal, Small Business, Professional and Hosting Edition web content management software for Microsoft Windows, Linux and Unix.

Asbru E-Commerce, Community, Databases and Statistics Add-On modules v11.1.1 available now.
(.NET, PHP and JSP/Java versions).
E-Commerce, Community, Databases and Statistics Add-On modules for the Asbru Web Content Management system software.

Asbru Website Manager v11 available now.
(ASP and PHP versions).
Ready to use and easy to use, cross-browser and cross-platform website manager software for updating your website pages using only your web browser.

Asbru Web Content Editor v11 available now.
(ASP, .NET, ColdFusion, PHP and JSP/Java versions).
Cross-browser and cross-platform WYSIWYG HTML editor for Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Netscape and Safari on Windows, Macintosh, Linux and Unix.

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